Los Colores show sheds new light on Chemainus

January 4, 2021 Craig Spence 3 comments
Featured artist Rohana Laing will be displaying her works – and giving people a break form the winter blahs – at Rainforest Arts January through February.

The same winter sun shines down on San Miguel de Allende as on Chemainus, but its hues and intensity are dampened here, the vibrant colours animating the streets of that central Mexican city doused by our moody climate and its subdued light filtered through Vancouver Island’s cloud and mists.

But artist Rohana Laing, whose Los Colores, from Mexico to Chemainus show will be featured at The Rainforest Arts gallery January through February, imports some of that equatorial vibrance almost 20 latitudinal degrees north, her palette brightening day-to-day scenes on the ‘wet coast’.

“The most common feedback I get from people, when they look at my paintings is it makes them happy,” Rohana said. “If it helps people feel some joy, then I’m grateful.”

She’s fascinated by people going about their day-to-day activities – both in San Miguel and here. “I tend to be attracted to more ordinary people, people working on the streets, or people selling things, or people just engaged in ordinary activities, because I particularly find that meaningful.”

For many years San Miguel, which is known as a locale where artists from all over the world congregate, has been her winter venue, and it is the setting for many of her works. The festive hues of the town, its culture and art have become part of Rohana’s palette, an influence that vivifies her B.C. canvases.

Plein air drawing is one of Rohana’s favourite modes, and it has led to her latest project, Inspired by Travels, an adult colouring book. “People would often say to me, ‘Your drawings would make a really good colouring book’, and I just thought that was funny,” she recounted.

As well as sketches for people to colour, the book is a journal containing completed plein air works, accompanied by Rohana’s thoughts and feelings about the places she has been and people she has met.

Winter is here, snow birds and year-rounders need cheering up on those dreary winter days, so drop in and catch some warming rays at Rainforest Arts, where you can enjoy Rohana’s show and Island artists in every discipline and style.

The gallery, located at 9781 Willow Street in Chemainus, is open 11 AM to 4 PM Wednesday to Saturday. More information at RainforestArts.ca or 250-246-4861. You can also email info@rainforestarts.ca.


3 Comments on “Los Colores show sheds new light on Chemainus

  1. Are any of these for sale?
    I’d like to buy, if possible, the one of Fergus standing on the back porch on Gabriola

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