Big Art on display at Rainforest gallery

February 2, 2023 Craig Spence
Creations by Brenda Isaak Takao (Blossom 2), Claudia Lohman (Into My Soul), and Tom Hamer (Two Eagles) are on display with other large works in the BIG ART show, no on at the Rainforest Arts gallery in Chemainus.

The 2023 BIG ART exhibit at Rainforest Arts opened Jan.16, and will be on display until the end of March at the Willow Street gallery. In its second year, the show includes an increased emphasis on 3D works.

“People are going to see 3D art that is much bigger in scale than they’re used to,” said Jane Barry, who has recently taken on the role of 3D coordinator at Rainforest. Sculpture, wood working and metal art will be front and centre for people stepping into the gallery.

She said visitors can expect to see works that range from fun and whimsical to seriously striking. An arrangement of plinths featuring 3D pieces just inside the gallery entrance will be the first thing visitors encounter during the  BIG ART exhibit.

Of course BIG ART will also be displayed on the walls of the RFA gallery during the 10 week show. It’s an opportunity for the Valley’s painters and photographers to hang canvases that normally can’t be accommodated, and for art lovers to get up close to bigger works.

Part of the appeal of big art is the powerful impression it can make on viewers. That’s not news to anyone living in Chemainus, where big art in the form of murals and statues occupies strategic corners and wall spaces throughout town.

The same engaging presence is often achieved with larger scale pieces in home and office settings. A large painting can become the dominant focal point of a room; a sculpture is often the spectacular feature of a yard or garden.

This is the second year for the BIG ART show, and it’s already become a looked for annual event. Canvases up to 36 inches wide will be hung, and nothing less than 24 inches. For the ten-week run almost the entire gallery will be  dedicated to BIG ART.

Rainforest Arts is located at 9781 Willow Street in the Coast Capital Credit Union building. Gallery hours are 11 am to 5 pm, seven days a week. You can contact the gallery at or 250-246-4861. Find out more at