Featured Artists


Julie Nygaard, In-gallery Featured Artist, June 1–August 31, 2021

Claudia Lohmann, In-gallery Featured Artist, March 1–May 31, 2021

Rohana Laing, In-gallery Featured Artist, January 1–February 28, 2021

H Barry Strasbourg-Thompson, In-gallery Featured Artist, October 1–november 14, 2020

christi york, in-gallery Featured Artist, August & september, 2020

Wayne & Kathy Enslow, Online Featured Artists, July & August, 2020

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Peggy Grigor, Online Featured Artist, May & June, 2020

Since the retail Rainforest Arts gallery is closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rainforest Arts is going “Off the Wall” to bring you both our first 3D and our inaugural online (virtual) Featured Artists exhibition, entitled “Gaia’s Garden Series” by potter and sculptor Peggy Grigor.

Click any thumbnail below to view the exhibition gallery. Also check out the brief 360-degree videos of “Namasta” and “Peek-a-Boo” below the gallery.

Craig Golby, March & April, 2020

Linda Yurgensen, January & February, 2020

Daphne & Art Carlyle, September & October, 2019

Morgan Bristol, July & August, 2019

Morgan Bristol, Inspired Whimsy, Featured Artist July & August, 2019

Antonia Olak, May & June, 2019

Diana Durrand, March & April, 2019