Honouring our Volunteers!

February 22, 2018 Peggy Grigor 2 comments

Rainforest Arts operates solely on the strength of our volunteer team that provides a multitude of services from Managing Committee to Graphic Designer, Painter & Handyman to our dedicated Store Staff. All these folks work tirelessly many hours each week. All of them are generous and caring people and we love them all!

Recently, I keep catching one particular volunteer in acts above and beyond what is expected. This volunteer is well known and liked in our community and is known for her big smile and friendly attitude. She is always positive and interested in helping artists and customers alike.

Sculptor Ross Hickling

Recently, a customer came into the gallery and was considering a major purchase of a Ross Hickling sculpture, pictured to the left. The customer happened in on this volunteer’s shift more than once. On the first meeting, the volunteer carefully showed our customer around and explained each piece by the artist. On the second meeting, she offered to photograph all the items and email them to the customer so they could ponder their decision carefully.

After the sale was completed, this volunteer offered to help out the artist by creating a a certificate of authenticity, as requested by our customer. This task involved photographing not only that art piece, but all of Ross’ sculptures. Then she took a portrait shot of Ross to create a very professional Certificate of Authenticity on high end card stock.

Certificate of Authenticity

As you can imagine, this task involved quite a lot of work and expertise – researching and designing the certificate and inserting images and text. She also solicited the help and support of another of our fine volunteers, who happens to be her spouse.

Since then, I have found this volunteer coming in on her day off to return some jewelry items she had taken home because they were tangled and needed cleaning. By now, I am sure all our staff and committee members know exactly who I am talking about.

Rosemary Ratcliff has continually gone above and beyond what we hope our volunteers will do. She readily steps up with extra shifts when folks go on vacation, she doubles her own shifts before she goes on her vacation to ensure others can cover for her while she is away. Rosemary is also the manager and organizer of our extensive art card collection. That job entails monitoring sales and overflow stock, calling artists to replenish cards as they sell and keeping the display tidy.

Finally, Rosemary’s keen eye for detail and numbers has helped this committee member sort through accounting errors and problems on more than one occasion! Her husband Jeff has often stepped up to help Rosemary with her volunteer undertakings. The couple worked together in photographing and making the Certificates of Authenticity for Ross. Jeff offered to open the gallery last summer during the Tuesday night Music in the Park.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jeff and Rosemary and please know that we see and appreciate all the extras you contribute to our little gallery.

Incidentally, Jeff and Rosemary are also artists in the gallery. Jeff does wood sculpture and photography and Rosemary does photography and art cards.

Next time you come into our gallery and see Jeff or Rosemary behind the desk, be sure to give them a big thumbs up for the exemplary job they do each and every day at Rainforest Arts! We love you Jeff and Rosemary!

2 Comments on “Honouring our Volunteers!

  1. Thank you Jeff & Rosemary, Peggy & everyone at Rainforest Arts. It’s a beautiful little gallery & very well managed & a great venue for my own pieces of art. Thanks very much all of you.???

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