We Have the Keys!

June 16, 2016 Peggy Grigor 5 comments

Better Late than Never!

All good plans have their kinks! And ours were no exception. We had hoped to take possession of our new gallery space by the beginning of June, which would give us four full weeks to paint, decorate, accept artwork, set up displays and get ready to welcome the public.

Too good to be true? Of course – we should have known. Between folks on holidays, lease negotiations, committee work load and other obstacles the universe provides, we were delayed in signing the lease and getting the keys.

However, our fantastic teams at Coastal Community, our wonderful landlords, and the dynamic Rainforest Arts committee, all worked diligently to resolve every road block.

Today, June 15th, 2016, we were handed the keys!

Coastal Community's Brenda Charmichael and Rainforest Arts Peggy Grogor and Treva Hinchcliffe
Coastal Community’s Brenda Carmichael and Moira Hauk present the keys to Rainforest Arts’ representatives, Peggy Grigor and Treva Hinchcliffe

Although this leaves us only two short weeks from our target opening date of July 1st, our team is up to the challenge. And challenge it is! During these next two weeks, two of our committee members are away, due to circumstances beyond their control (well, we COULD have asked Diana’s son to delay his wedding…but…).

Not to worry…we can do it! Just watch and see! Until next time!

Peggy Grigor – General Manager, Rainforest Arts

5 Comments on “We Have the Keys!

  1. Good work, All!
    I am honoured to be one of the contributing artists. When I set up my display case I got a hnt of all the other people who’s wok will be in this wonderful new gallery and this great administers who will run it. Congratulations to everyone. I will be shopping there soon.

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